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Up his sperm came, chris rock shaking the shit out of a woman long jets ejecting from his exploding tip as Arthur howled from the contractions of his testicles. Sandy opened her bottom and then clenched her anus, making him gasp from the pressure around the root of his spurting erection. He was trapped inside a hot, wet, finger trap, the nerve endings in the head of his cock sparkling in pain from the release. He gave a final thrust and collapsed upon her back

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"Arthur? Arthur?" Sandy whispered in her blind crouch at trippy shit web pages the slim, slowly breathing man above her

"I'm sorry, Princess, that was as exquisite free scat and shit movies as it was exhausting." He roused himself to remove her blindfold and undo her bonds. They held each other's heads and kissed with a deep gentleness. "You can offer anything anytime. Shall we shower?

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'Twas a different time, a different place. Where scat clip mythical creatures lived, sorcerer's reigned and royalty ruled the day and others. 'Tis a tale filled with magic, deception, pain, pleasure and perhaps love. A story which is as old as time itself but as fresh as the morning dew. It all begins, once upon a time

The young woman who lived here did so reluctantly. xanga taking a shit You knew you came from royalty, 'twas a burden you had worn as easily as the finery which adorned your body every single day. Yet you longed for something different, something better not only for yourself but for all those who one day would look upon you as queen, a day which you dreaded might come sooner than later. Your mother had died, the harshness of winter and her class not any more kind to her than to the others of the village who the difficult season had claimed. For your father he seemed to grow older, more worn with each passing day and you feared the consequences of the words you had heard spoken that previous evening, words you were not supposed to have been privy to

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Addison, the all of these gifts, they dont mean shit now sorcerer who was your father's counsel had spoken. He had always treated you with kindness, compassion, concern but though his words were true they still brought a chill to your bones

"An heir my scat film lord, you must have an heir and to do so your daughter must marry. I fear time is of the essence and if god willing you shall leave this mortal earth these lands will befall to evil times. You have many friends but I fear you also have enemies who will stop at nothing to insure that they would lay waste the spoils before them. You require an heir.

You could only watch as your father nodded his squashing shit in panties agreement, a sign which brought tears to your eyes. To be married off like some prize to be won in a contest like those at the Reaping fair, like a symbol to validate a man was not the lot in life you had pictured

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That night, as the castle slept scat sex pics you dressed. The clothes were some you had taken great stealth in procuring, the look when finished like that of one of the peasant girls who were from the local village. Your dark hair cascading down your back, festooned with flowers instead of in the normal, proper, prim look of being on top of your head. Your brown eyes watching closely as you crept through the pathways leading to the hidden entranceway, one that you had found as a child while exploring. Now, it provided you with the cover you needed to venture forth once again, though not in the anonymity you thought. There was another, a dark presence watching your every move

The evening was indeed late but there asian shitting tgp still were many about. This was to be another in your weekly forays to see the people, the faceless entities which it seemed were as bound as you were to them. You sighed, walking down the dusty path, your eyes cast downward trying not to draw attention to yourself, wondering how you could know what was best for the minions if you knew nothing about them? 'Twas a dilemma indeed, one you had hoped to find an answer to but you feared your time was quickly running out like the sands of the hourglass in Addison's study. The local tavern was filled with the sounds of laughter and merriment though you dare not enter. The sign of a young woman unescorted would surely draw not only suspicion but also the wrong sort

The glass showed pooping and peeing in diapers all, shining with a glow, following your every movement. The woman who watched, her hands stroking at the ball like someone might their pet, encouraging it with soothing words, her eyes of grey open wide as the opportunity she had waited for presented itself and she watched, knowing what was to come, her smile not quite reaching her eyes. Some called her enchantress, others witch, her proper name was Lady Calias and she had waited a lifetime to settle a score. Now, it would be her time. There were three of them, the birds as black as night, the crows which circled one intent upon you, the others moving ahead, preparing, and waiting

The two who even now took human form waiting shitting links for you to turn the corner of the path. The third alighting to take shape and prepare to come to your inevitable rescue. None of them, or their dark Mistress aware of the stranger who would play a pivotal role, perhaps changing nothing or may haps everything.

"Well, well what have women pissing and shitting we here?"

You stopped, the words coming cat pooping discipline to you from ahead, the two men striding from the woods. They were large, their bodies and hair badly in need of repair though you tried not to show your disgust. unflushed toilet turds story time piss drinking free clips pissing and shitting

"Good evening m'lords, I pray thee long days free shitting pictures and pleasant nights upon you."

"Ah, a lesbian outdoors shitting maiden with manners though I must admit 'tis not her manners I find so pleasing, how about you Andrew? shitting teens really funny shit

The second man began to walk big greasy turd away, the two of them circling as he laughed harshly. "No, manners aren't important when it comes to flesh like this, right my Jimbo?"

"How dare shitting girl free gallereis no bullshit you speak to me in such a manner, I would have my" and with a gasp you felt a hand grab you roughly by the arm, the man's face, his breath stinking with the smell of the earth, his eyes wide as he said, shitting ass scat poop shit kaviar

"Come on my lovely, give us a kiss shit panties and we'll get properly acquainted.

"I would not girls women woman shitting advise that, if he kisses as he looks it will certainly prove to be quite unpleasant. teens pooping shit eat

The voice was soft, the words spoken calmly as the figure asian panty pooping appeared from the shadows. His hair was long, colored as yours, his eyes a brilliant blue though at the moment they appeared dark, almost black as he strode confidently toward the pair. The falcon he carried on his arm, its eyes of gold flicking between the two men as if measuring them, his own senses alert to the fact there was more to them than in the way they appeared. All of this fell under the cold eye of the dark woman, whose anger began to turn the picture in the glass red, rose tinted as her blood began to boil at the thought of another's interference in her carefully orchestrated plan

The figure free shit pictures that even now drew closer and closer did not appear to be the one the two men had been expecting. This man seemed different, his bearing confident, his eyes showing nothing until he stopped, the sound of your quick scream as the hulking figure grabbed you by the hair, his face contorting with anger saying pooping my panties

"This is a private matter sir and I would advise you outdoor pooping girls to simply walk away if you know what is good for you."

He simply stood pooping and pissing pants there, seemingly unaware of the second man who even now stepped closer, nearly within reach of him from behind. "I fear not, I will leave only if the lady so desires and I think she does not, is that true miss?" girl pooping pictures potty

You managed to nod your head but your eyes grew scat in brazil all models wide at the sight of the man, blade in hand who appeared ready to strike.He moved quickly, the thrust carrying the razor edge slashing at the air where he had just stood. The bird flew from his arm, its talons going by your face to rake at your former tormentor's eyes, his screams echoing in the night. You watched in horror as the animal slashed, blood spurting from the man's face though when you turned around it was to no more pretty a sight. The fellow had fallen to his knees, his sword slipping from his fingers, a knife embedded in his throat. As quickly as it had happened, it ended. A sharp whistle, the falcon returning to its perch, the man turning toward you saying,

"I'm sorry m'lady, I wish you had not video cop that shit timbaland been forced to witness such things but I felt it best" and with that his words curiously stopped. pooping and peeing in diapers

He dropped like a stone, you were as unaware fist scat thumbs shitting as he the thin needle which had pierced his neck and as you quickly began to run towards him you too felt the sting. It was sudden, the effect immediate as you tumbled to the ground, lying still as the third man walked from the woods to stand over the two of you, holstering his weapon. Each of your arms were extended, your hands almost reaching as if two lovers and with an angry oath, the tall, raven haired man kicked the one man's hand away. Looking up into the night as if seeking divine guidance he listened to his Mistress's call and obeyed

When you awoke it was to the light of day spilling pooping in public restrooms in from your window. You sat up, your hand reaching to your neck which was sore, though there was no mark; no evidence of what had transpired the night before. The door to your room opened the sight of your father and Addison, their faces solemn at first, though a smile tried to appear on the elder's face.

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"Thank god shitting girls galleries you're alright daughter; you gave me a terrible fright." His hand took yours as you attempted to rise but suddenly realized how very tired and weak you felt.

"If it had not been for Lord Alexander's presence I piss and shits fear what might have been." It was only then that you noticed the pair standing in the doorway, the man his eyes as black as his mane of hair, the woman beside him with long tresses of silver, her eyes colored the same

"I, I don't understand, there teen scat was another, a dark haired stranger, he." your words trailing off as the large figure moved closer, his eyes looking down upon you saying,

"My enchantress saw your plight m'lady and sent me. I girl eatting cow shit killed two of them, wounding the third. He is now a prisoner in your father's dungeon and will pay the price for his actions.

You tried to speak, the words he spoke so confusing, gross shitting on face the thoughts of the night before so cloudy in your mind.

"Tis a lucky thing, the crystal shone scat shitting poop to me misses, allowing me to call my Master to your aid. As your father said, it could have been horrible, truly horrible if the three had been allowed" her words spoken softly but her contempt for your situation obvious to you though no one else seemed to notice.