Why did they have to keep getting my attention back to aroma scat japan that damn tv? It was bothering me in so many ways. Not the least of which was my now swollen rod that was pointing right at Suz

It was a weak protest on my part. I shit eating porn didn't really have a leg to stand on

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"Hey mom," Tris chimed in, "Look here." Great, look at jap scat her shake her bare ass for me. This is just what I need. "Sean did this to me. I think Sean should give me the punishment. He's the one who shoved his tongue up my ass, licked my clit to nearly shattering orgasm, and it was his dick that filled my cunt like it's never been filled before."

Okay, now I get a play by play announcer to make cat pooping this worse. I thought I noticed a smirk on that little bitch's face when she said all this

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"I think you're right Tris," Suz adult scat eat agreed. She handled the metal spatula to me. "But you know the rules. He cannot stop until there is an imprint of this metal on your ass, just like when you were a kid. That's how bad you've been," Suz also smirked a bit at this statement

"Oh god yes, Sean, imprint my ass. pooping in my panties You kissed it, you tongue fucked it, now imprint it with that spatula. I've been such a little slut, so now I deserve the spanking that daddy's got to give my ass. Give it to my ass Sean," she purred

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I could see where all this would lead. Fucking an 18 panty shitting clip year old then putting whelts on her ass. I could see the charges of child abuse right then. "Oh no, don't get me involved with this. It's not my place to punish her," I weakly tried to protest

"Okay, fine, you little wimp," Suz demanded. "I'll give shitting panties that ass a licking like it's never had! You think you know how to lick ass. I'll show you what ass-licking is all about. At my house, here's how we lick ass. You'd better get those sweet cheeks ready Tris, cause you are about to get a licking from your momma like you've never had before." Even as she made this painful statement, she smirked just a bit again and my cock jumped up just a bit more. Suz looked down at my rod, then looked up at me and smiled. Then she winked

What the hell black mistress scat was that all about? I didn't dare ask

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Suz positioned herself near her daughter's backside. She sat a pooping blood bit too closely, I thought, if she was going to swat her daughter's behind with the spatula. Tris even looked back at her mom, then looked at the tv, then nodded. It was as if something had snapped

"Lick his balls. Lick his balls. random acts of shit Come here, come here, over to the window. Lick. His. Balls. It will drive him crazy. He never keeps his jism when I start rolling those nuts in my mouth. He'll spew for sure.

pregnant lesbian shit eaters "Okay mom, I'll do it.

Where the hell was that coming from? I scat pictures could see that Tris had approached whoever was filming my little event on the pool deck, but whose voice was that

"Yeah, that's it, that's what he likes," was the pooping sex narration over Tris as she took first one nut, then the other into her mouth. It was sending shivers up my spine and down through my swollen rod just watching her when I realized that the voice on the camera was Suz

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At this point, both Tris shit and scat and poop and pee and Suz were staring at me, smiling

My mouth was wide open, and I was free shit eating pics stunned. I could not say a word pics of girls shitting enema scat movie

"Oh, please mom, don't lick me like that!" Tris oozed gunit gangsta shit out in her most seductive voice. "Lick me like you used to. Make it feel so good.

"You have been a preview scat videos terribly bad girl. Just like momma taught you. You used your ass to get my man and now your ass is gonna pay. You deserve this licking and there's no one like me who wants to give it you," Suz replied, in the voice that I'd learned to love so well teen peeing and pooping message boards

Both my heads were spinning: the one attached how to make someone shit their pants to my shoulders at what was happening. Suz knew about the whole event and had even filmed her daughter's behavior. And the head of my dick was spinning as I watched my lover bury her face in her daughter's ass

"Oh yes, Mommy, lick me like the bad girl free gay scat that I am. Lick it harder, harder," Tris was using her best tease voice. It was working on me once again, and Tris noticed pictures of people eating shit gay shit video

"Hey, prick boy!" Tris shouted. "Get lesbian scat movies that hot rod over here and drop your drawers. I can see that you've got a cock that needs licking too. You've been a bad boy and I'm just the one to give it the licking it deserves!

SMACK was the next sound I heard that awakened a picture of a teenage girl pooping her panties me from the dumbfounded state I was in. Suz had put a big red mark on the back of Tris' leg with her hand turd burglar hockey free scat videos clips

"Hey, don't you dare think you wild black bear scat are the only one that's gonna lick his prick, you little bitch. Besides, you didn't say 'Mother may I?' first. You must always ask first," Suz playfully intoned. "Say it you little slut. Say, 'Mother, may I lick your lover's cock, make his prick rock hard, then lap up all the cum that explodes from his dick.' And you'd better ask nicely, or the licking you get back here will be even harder than it already is!

"You're right Mommy. I shitting and pissing forgot. Mother, may I swallow your lover's cock, but I promise I won't lick it until it comes. I promise to only get it hard enough so that he can fuck us both, then you can swallow all the juice that comes out. Mother, may I please, please, please suck his rod? May I pretty please with my cherry on top?" she squealed out in her most powerful voice scat fetish forums

"Okay you little slut. But don't you pooping girls gallery take all the cream. I want a few minutes of his precious rod in my cunt and in my mouth before you milk it dry," she stated, between licking the folds of her daughter's cunt

My mind scat domination was still reeling. But my cock was pointing out the correct direction. I dropped my painful restraints and my rod bobbed along as I walked to my licker. She watched every bounce it made, licking her lips like my prick was a steak dinner and she'd was a ravenous dog. She was down on all fours and getting it doggie style from her mom's tongue women pooping in diapers

I started to kneel, but Tris pushed me onto my back. total free scat pics "I can get to everything better this way," she cooed and licked her lips one last time before assaulting my engorged head. I noticed when lying down that I could see the tv better as well. I was watching this hot little cunt lick my rod on tv, while her friend was fucking my tongue with her ass, and this same mouth was licking my cock in person. It was somewhat like looking in the mirror at the fun house. But I don't ever remember getting this sensation while trying to figure out how to get out of the ride. On this ride, my sperm wanted to get out, but this girl was good with her tongue. My sperm would be teased out slowly, after she'd chewed to her mouth's content. I was beginning to think this was an endless need for this girl, when she started telling me how she and Suz had come up with their plan

"Mom told me women shitting movie clips about what an intense cunt licker you are. She told me even before she moved in here. We decided then that I needed to experience your skill," she slurped, as she tickled the base of my rod with her wet lips. She kissed the underside of my shaft carefully, as if she had no intention of moving onto any other part of my prick. She'd kiss a spot, then lick it, leaving a saliva trail on the skin of my cock. Then she'd start again. I wasn't sure what she wanted more: my cum or her own saliva. But I wasn't complaining enema scat panty pooping video clips

"When I moved in, it was free panty pooping movie clips so much fun to tease you. You tried so damn hard to resist. And it was so funny to see how hard you were getting," she laughed as she slid her tongue around my balls. "Mom and I got such a laugh out of watching you walk around with a boner in your shorts. Of course, it was more torturous for me to hold back from just jumping on your prick so many times. But now it's quite worth it.

Meanwhile, she kept moaning for the tongue fuck she was fucking scary shit getting from her mom. She begged her mom to slide her tongue into her ass, but Suz refused. "What are you afraid of mom? Sean fucked me deep there with his tongue. He was one good ass fucker. I can't wait to feel his cock there. You are even better than Mom told me. I thought she was just exaggerating. I didn't believe her because the little pricks that I've sucked won't hardly consider putting their tongue in my cunt. When they do—Oh god mom, slide it in deeper. Harder!" she moaned

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"It was all I could do to resist gay men shitting on each other when I watched Mom play with your dick. I stood there about ten minutes, just watching her fingers slide up one side of your cock, then down to the other. That little bitch back there that is tonguing my ass made it even worse. She made you close your eyes so that you could not see the gestures she was making toward me. You thought she was teasing your prick. She was actually teasing me. I wanted so badly to swallow your rod that night. But Mom wanted to wait and get it all on film, first. The boy I went out with that night, he got the best fucking of his life, and it was all because I was hornier than I've ever been in my life after watching my mom play with your prick," she stated

Following her latest two experiences, Cassandra came to a few pictures of people eating shit new realizations

The first was that she was www.gay scat movies not an American. Her voice had a British inflection. She might be British or British Canadian. So another piece of the puzzle was fitted in

The next one was that she mom son scat stories was relatively well-educated. Her speech patterns bespoke a women of intelligence and breeding. The way she thought, analyzed things, she knew that she was well-schooled

Cassandra had thought of going to the police nude women shiting - but what if her amnesiac state was due to some criminal act? Could she have been involved in drugs? She doubted that, but she wasn't going to take any chances. Or what if she'd been whisked away for her own protection? It was too early to try going to the authorities

Back in the hotel room, Cassandra felt stiff and out scat and piss of sorts. Her body ached from all the walking she'd done in her new "Fuck Me" shoes. Ah, the price women paid for fashion. She enjoyed the admiring stares she got in her clothes though, so it was worth it, she giggled inwardly